Data, icesamples and software 

The following data sets are available online from Centre for Ice and Climate, University of Copenhagen. Please cite the relevant articles when using the data.

For other data, please  contact ice-core curator J.P. Steffensen and include a description of the intended use of the data and a list of which core(s), parameter(s), time span, and resolution are wanted. Expect long response times during the field season.

Ice samples for further measurements can also be obtained. Read more about the sampling procedure


Data type 


Renland, Greenland

Timescale, Dust record, Associated measurements

RECAP ice core timescale and dust record. Associated measurements of gas (CH4, d15N, d18Oatm) in RECAP ice and Sr/Nd isotopes in East Greenland sediments and rock samples. Data accompanies the paper by Simonsen, et al., East Greenland ice core dust record reveals timing of Greenland ice sheet advance and retreat, Nature Communications, 2019. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-12546-2.







Renland, Greenland

Seasonal δ18O values with respect to age

Summer, winter and annually averaged δ18O data (1801-2015 CE) for three ice cores drilled on Renland (RECAP and Renland 1988 campaigns). The data sheet contain both individual core data and a stacked record. Details can be found in the accompanying paper: Holme, C., Gkinis, V., Lanzky, M., Morris, V., Olesen, M., Thayer, A., Vaughn, B. H., and Vinther, B. M.: Varying regional δ18O–temperature relationship in high resolution stable water isotopes from east Greenland, Climate of the Past,, 2019.


RICE, Antarctica

Timescale and accumulation history

Annually resolved timescale and snow accumulation record for the past 2,700 years derived from the RICE ice core, Roosevelt Island, Antarctica.


Abakus instrument

Supplementary data

Supplementary data for the paper "Particle shape accounts for instrumental discrepancy in ice core
dust size distributions" by Marius Folden Simonsen, Llorenç Cremonesi,
Giovanni Baccolo, Samuel Bosch, Barbara Delmonte, Tobias Erhardt, Helle Astrid
Kjær, Marco Potenza, Anders Svensson, and Paul Vallelonga. 

Published in Climate of the Past.



δ18O values and dust concentrations

The dataset provides NGRIP δ18O
values, dust concentrations, and GICC05 ages in 5cm depth resolution for the
period 0-60 ka (δ18O) and 10-60 ka (dust).

The dataset accompany the following papers:

NGRIP members, Nature, 431, 147-151, 2004.  DOI: 10.1038/nature02805

Gkinis et al., Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 405, 132-141, 2014.  DOI:

Ruth et al., J. Geophys. Res., 108, 4098, 2003. DOI: 4010.1029/2002JD002376


NEEM, NGRIP and North Central Greenland

Accumulation rates in 100yr averages 1311-2011
reconstructed from air-borne radar data.

The data presented in the paper by Karlsson et al., 2016, Frontiers in Earth Science.

The files contain accumulation rates in 100yr averages 1311-2011, the age of the traced radar layers and their two-way traveltime.



Methane date measured in the field along the NEEM core in 2010.

These data files accompany the following paper: Chappellaz, J., C. Stowasser, T. Blunier, D. Baslev-Clausen, E. J. Brook, R. Dallmayr, X. Faïn, J. E. Lee, L. E. Mitchell, O. Pascual, D. Romanini, J. Rosen, and S. Schüpbach (2013), High-resolution glacial and deglacial record of atmospheric methane... 

Details about the data can be found in the description file “NEEM continuous methane data obtained during the 2010 field season.pdf”. Please consult the detailed data description before using the data.
The data is given in the full data resolution for the two spectrometers used during the field measurements. Data is given as raw, uncelebrated data, filtered data and filtered calibrated data.

Mean data over depth intervals for both analyzers

Mean data over common depth intervals for both analyzers.


GICC05modelext timescale for the gas and ice phase of the GISP2 and GRIP ice cores (0-104 ka b2k) and various data series

A mirrored version of the xlsx file and a raw text version are available from WDC Paleo.

This data file accompanies the following two papers:

Seierstad et al. (2014):
Consistently dated records from the Greenland GRIP, GISP2 and NGRIP ice cores for the past 104 ka reveal regional millennial-scale δ18O gradients with possible Heinrich event imprint.

Rasmussen et al. (2014):
A stratigraphic framework for abrupt climatic changes during the Last Glacial period based on three synchronized Greenland ice-core records: refining and extending the INTIMATE event stratigraphy.

Download an Excel version of Table 2 of this paper

The data file (xlsx format) contains
-    Match points between the GRIP, GISP2, NGRIP1 and NGRIP2 cores.
-    NGRIP, GRIP and GISP2 δ18O and calcium concentration resampled to 20 yrs and 50 yrs resolution on the GICC05modelext timescale.
-    GRIP δ18O resampled to 0.55 m ("bag") resolution on the GICC05modelext timescale.
-    A GICC05modelext depth-age scale to be used with publicly available GISP2 ion concentration data.
-    GRIP and GISP2 GICC05modelext gas timescale.
-    Compilations of GRIP and GISP2 CH4 concentration and δ15N of N2 on the GICC05modelext gas timescale.


GICC05modelext-NEEM-1 time scale for the NEEM core and supporting information

A mirrored version of the xls file and a raw text version is available from WDC Paleo.

Data file released with the paper by Rasmussen et al., 2013: "A first chronology for the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) ice core".

The data file (xls format) includes:
- Match points used for the time scale transfer NGRIP->NEEM
- Time scale resampled to 0.55 m ("bag") resolution and associated gas ages
- Modelled total strain and accumulation in 0.55 m resolution
- Combined accumulation reconstruction

NGRIP and NEEM ECM and DEP data for NGRIP and NEEM

Data released with the paper by Rasmussen et al., 2013: "A first chronology for the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) ice core".
- NEEM DEP data (text file)
- NEEM ECM data (text file)
- NGRIP DEP data (text file)
- NGRIP ECM data (text file)
Files are mirrowed at WDC Paleo.

NEEM δ15N data from Dansgaard-Oeschger events DO-8 to DO-10

Data released with the paper by Guillevic et al., 2013: "Spatial gradients of temperature, accumulation and δ18O-ice in Greenland over a series of Dansgaard–Oeschger events".

Data (text file) - mirrowed at WDC Paleo.

NEEM δ18O, CH4, N2O, air content, δ15N, δ18Oatm, Noble gasses, chronology information, and reconstructed temperatures and surface elevation

Data as presented in the paper Eemian interglacial reconstructed from a
Greenland folded ice core.

Data xls file.
NGRIP Dust concentration

NGRIP Dust content (particles per mL) covering the period 10.3-107.6 ka b2k.

Time scale: GICC05 (to 60.2 ka b2k) and GICC05modelext (older than 60.2 ka b2k).

Data txt file.

Further info and references inside data file.

North Greenland Depth of the Bølling-Allerød transition from radio-echo sounding data

The depth of the Bølling-Allerød transition in North Greenland located in radio-echo sounding data, as described in Karlsson et al., Annals of Glaciology, 2013. 

NGRIP GICC05modelext time scale and δ18O values

Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05) time scale for the NGRIP ice core (down to 60 ka b2k) extended to the base of the NGRIP ice core by merging with the ss09sea06bm model time scale. The resulting time scale is called GIC05modelext.
Also supplied are 20 year means of δ18O data from NGRIP back to 123 ka b2k / 3085 m depth. (Excel / text)

NGRIP SO4 data for the last ~1800 years

Sulphate data from the NGRIP ice cores as presented in the paper by Plummer et al., Climate of the Past, 2012.

Data are supplied in original 5 cm resolution (xlsx / txt).

Southern/Central Greenland Seasonal δ18O data from multiple shallow ice cores

Seasonal δ18O data from multiple shallow ice cores located in southern and central Greenland (Excel) (Vinther et al., QSR, 2010)

Greenland & Ellesmere Island Holocene δ18O values. Greenland ice sheet elevation and temperature

The Holocene δ18O histories and temperature reconstruction. Elevation histories for Camp Century, DYE-3, GRIP and NGRIP. All data has been presented in Vinther et al., Nature, 2009.
Data in the following pdf files:
- Isotope data
- Uplift Corrected Data
- Elevation Data
- Temperature Reconstruction

High resolution δ18O values

High resolution δ18O data from Agassiz, DYE-3, NGRIP and Renland used in Kaufman et al., Science, 2009. The data are contained as a table in pdf files:
- 1-yr resolution data
- 5-yr resolution data

NGRIP Various data in annual resolution

Climate proxy data from Steffensen et al., Science, 2008. Periods covered: 11.55-11.85 ka b2k, 12.65-13.15 ka b2k, and 14.55-14.85 ka b2k (GICC05 time scale, b2k = before A.D. 2000). The data are contained as a table in the Supporting Online Material (pdf file).

The Deuterium Excess data from Fig.2A covering the period 11.54-14.86 ka b2k in 20-year resolution can be found here.


δ18O values on GICC05 time scale 

Renland/GICC05 match points. 

Renland δ18O values on the GICC05 time scale for the period 0-59.4 ka b2k. (Excel)

Match points used to transfer the GICC05 time scale to the Renland ice core. (Excel)


Holocene δ18O values on GICC05 time scale.

Agassiz/GICC05 match points. 

20 yr means of d18O data throughout the Holocene for the A77, A79, A84 and A87 ice cores from the Agassiz ice cap on Ellesmere Island, Canada. The δ18O data are on the GICC05 time scale. (Excel)

Match points used to transfer the GICC05 time scale to the Agassiz ice cores. (Excel)


GICC05 time scale and δ18O values

Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05) and 20 year means of δ18O data from NGRIP back to 60 ka b2k (Excel)


SW Greenland temperature observations


GICC05 time scale and δ18O values

Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05) and 20 year means of δ18O data from NGRIP (back to 42 ka b2k) and GRIP (back to 32 ka b2k) (Excel)


Holocene GICC05 time scale and δ18O values

Early Holocene accumulation and δ18O anomalies

Holocene Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05) and 20 year means of δ18O data from NGRIP1, NGRIP2, GRIP, and DYE-3 (Excel).

Early Holocene Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05) and 10 year means of δ18O data from NGRIP, GRIP, and DYE-3 (Excel).

Accumulation model results and isotope ratio anomalies across 4 intervals in the Early Holocene (Excel).


Late Glacial δ18O and Calcium data on the GICC05 time scale.

NGRIP/GRIP/GISP2 depth matchpoints

Calcium concentration and δ18O isotope ratios from the Greenland NGRIP, GRIP, and GISP2 ice cores on the GICC05 time scale covering the period 11.6 - 32.44 ka b2k.
Data are available in two different resolutions:
20y (Excel) and 50y (Excel).
The paper contains a plot in 50y resolution of the data series. A version in 20y resolution can be found here in eps or jpg formats.

Match-points used for synchronization of NGRIP, GRIP, and GISP2 (Excel).
Same file with GICC05 ages added (Excel).


δ18O values

50 year means of δ18O values from the NGRIP ice core (NGRIP members, 2004) (Ascii)


Accumulation and δ18O

Common Greenland accumulation and δ18O records for NGRIP, GRIP and DYE-3, 191 AD - 1974 AD (Andersen et al, 2006) (Ascii).


Accumulation data used for the study (txt / xls).

North Atlantic

NAO index

1821 AD - 1999 AD Iberia/Iceland Monthly NAO Index (Vinther et al, 2003b) (Ascii)

Cádiz/San Fernando

Monthly mean pressure

Cádiz/San Fernando monthly mean pressure 1821-1987 AD (Vinther et al, 2003b) (Ascii)

Southern Greenland

Winter temperature index

1245 AD - 1970 AD from 7 southern Greenland ice cores (Vinther et al, 2003) (Ascii)


Oxygen Isotopes

20 year averages back to 122 kyrs BP  (Ascii)
Chronology is ss09sea or GRIP2001 (Johnsen et al 2001)


Oxygen Isotopes

50 year averages back to 122 kyrs BP
Chronology is ss09sea or GRIP2001 (Johnsen et al, 2001) (Ascii)


Oxygen Isotopes

bag samples (0.55m = one bag) SS09 time scale, depth range: 0 - 2983 m (Johnsen et al, 1997). (Ascii)


Oxygen Isotopes

20 years averages on GISP2 time scale,
375 - 103 000 yrs BP. (Ascii)

DYE-3, GRIP, Law Dome

Temperature reconstructed from
borehole measurements

Temperature reconstructed from borehole measurements (Ascii)
(Dahl-Jensen et al, 1998 and Dahl-Jensen et al, 1999)

Present and LGM

Dust deposition fields

Global dust deposition fields from GCM simulations by Andersen et al (1998).
lonlat.txt, dustdep_PD.txt, dustdep_LGM.txt

Data from the Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) may be found on the Greenland Summit Ice Cores CD-rom or downloaded.



StratiCounter: A MatLab-based algorithm for producing ice-core timescales by annual layer counting. The algorithm is based on the principles of statistical inference of hidden states in semi-Markov processes, and it also provides an uncertainty estimate on the resulting timescale. See Winstrup (2011) and Winstrup et al. (2012) for further documentation.

slopesnake: Tools for deriving local layer slope and tracing layers in radio echograms. Developed by Christian Panton.

Matchmaker: A MatLab-based tool for facilitating efficient and high-quality manual synchronization of ice core records.
The tool is not available for download, but if you are interested in obtaining a version of the tool, please contact Sune Olander Rasmussen.