At what depth is the Eemian layer expected to be found at NEEM?

S.L. Buchardt and D.Dahl-Jensen
Annals of Glaciology 48 2008

No continuous record from Greenland of the Eemian interglacial period (130-115 ka BP) currently exists. However, a new ice-core drill site has been suggested at 77.449° N, 51.056°W in northwest Greenland (North Eemian or NEEM). Radio-echo sounding images and flow model investigations indicate that an undisturbed Eemian record may be obtained at NEEM. In this work, a two-dimensional ice flow model with time-dependent accumulation rate and ice thickness is used to estimate the location of the Eemian layer at the new drill site. The model is used to simulate the ice flow along the ice ridge leading to the drill site. Unknown flow parameters are found through a Monte Carlo analysis of the flow model constrained by observed isochrones in the ice. The results indicate that the Eemian layer is approximately 60m thick and that its base is located approximately 100m above bedrock.