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Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth
Niels Bohr Institute
University of Copenhagen
Tagensvej 16
Fax: +45 35 32 06 21
Telex: 584 492380422 no.: 29979812

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General inquiries and press contact :

Contact persons:

Centre leader, professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Centre secretary (e.g. economy), Ellen Chrillesen
Centre secretary (web, communication, coordination, guests), Tina Bang-Christensen
Ice and Climate research group leader, professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Deputy Ice and Climate research group leader, associate professor Jørgen Peder Steffensen
Inquiries about EastGRIP field work, logistics coordinator Marie Kirk

Schools and high schools

Centre for Ice and Climate are happy to host visits from schools and high schools. Please click here to find information on how to book a visit.