Comparison of deep ice cores 

Nature, Vol. 373, p. 393-394, 1995 

R.B. Alley
Earth System Science Center, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania 16802, USA.
A.J. Gow
S.J. Johnsen
Geofysisk Afdeling, Niels Bohr Instituttet for Astronomi, Fysik og Geofysik, Københavns Universitet
J. Kipfstuhl
D.A. Meese
T. Thorsteinsson

No abstract with this paper, but summary follows. The paper reports comparative studies carried out on the visible stratigraphy and crystal fabrics of the GRIP and GISP2 cores. Both cores contain structures that could represent inverted strata. Depths of highly-inclined layers, and of small z-folds, are given for each core. Simple-shear features seen at GRIP, currently at the ice divide, suggest recent or current divide migration. This study cannot by itself invalidate or confirm the climate instabilities reported for the Eemian period.