Ice flow modelling group

The ice flow modelling group at Centre for Ice and Climate studies ice sheets and glaciers in the climate system. Our research interests cover glaciological themes related to ice flow modelling and observations, surface mass balance and evolution of ice sheets. 

Weekly group meetings.

Virtual meetings every Thursdays at 9.00-10 organized by Christine Hvidberg. Sign up to the maillinglist here:

Schedule Spring 2021. Link to schedules in previous years

7/1 Happy New Year! Start up meeting and updates
14/1 Ann-Sofie Zinck: Update from surface roughness study in Greenland.
21/1 Nicholas Rathmann: Consequence of assuming isotropic ice when inverting for basal drag.
28/1 Sebastian Simonsen: Greenland Ice Sheet mass balance (1992-2020) from calibrated radar altimetry (new paper in GRL 2021)
4/2 An informal discussion of current work
11/2 Vincent Verjans (Lancaster University): Uncertainty in East Antarctic firn thickness constrained using a model ensemble approach
18/2 An informal discussion of current work
25/2 David Lilien: presents Thermal controls on ice-stream shear margins by Hunter et al. (2021)
4/3 Dorthe Dahl-Jensen: two papers about seismic at EGRIP; Christianson et al. (2014): Dilatant till facilitates ice-stream flow in northeast Greenland and Riverman et al. (2019): Wet subglacial bedforms of the NE Greenland Ice Stream shear margins
11/3 Discussion of current work and updates + the new datasets QGreenland & Qantarctica (Aslak Grinsted)
18/3 Christine Hvidberg: presents a new paper by Fahrner et al.
25/3 Hiking trip to Dyrehaven
1/4 Easter
8/4 Christine Hvidberg: update on rover building
15/4 An informal discussion of current work
22/4 EGU presentations by Tamara Gerber (NBI) and Julien Westhoff (NBI)

Christine Hvidberg: presents Complex multi-decadal ice dynamical change inland of marine-terminating glaciers on the Greenland Ice Sheet by Williams et al. (2021)

6/5 Anders Bjørk (Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, KU): "Luft – Antarctic Imagery Resurfaced" (a Villum young investigator project)
13/5 Ascencion
20/5 Laurent Lindpointer (DMI/NBI): "Comparison of Greenland ice-sheet surface mass balance as calculated by EC-Earth 3 and CISSEMBEL energy balance model".
27/5 Informal discussions of ongoing work
3/6 Christine Hvidberg: discussion of Gowan et al. 2016 and 2021
10/6 Nicholas Rathmann: Can mechanical anisotropies be isotropically compensated for using a simple enhancement factor?
17/6 informal discussions of ongoing work

21/6: Excursion

24/6: Discussion of Bassis et al. 2021: "Transition to marine ice cliff instability controlled by ice thickness gradients and velocity" Links:  article and perspectives article OBS time is shifted to be 10-11

1/7 Dina Rapp: Seasonal variations in ice velocity in Greenland (midterm colloquium)
8/7 Summer vacation

Annual Greenland Ice Sheet Seminar

Network meeting between research groups in Denmark working on the Greenland Ice Sheet held the first Thursday in January. Contact Christine Hvidberg for further information (Email below).

Next meeting: January 7, 2021 at DTU. OBS Cancelled this year due to COVID-19, substitute network activities will be announced

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