Ice flow modelling group

The ice flow modelling group at Centre for Ice and Climate studies ice sheets and glaciers in the climate system. Our research interests cover glaciological themes related to ice flow modelling and observations, surface mass balance and evolution of ice sheets. 

Weekly group meetings.

Virtual meetings every Thursdays at 9.00-10 organized by Christine Hvidberg. Sign up to the maillinglist here:

Schedule Autumn 2021. Link to schedules in previous years

12/8 Ann-Sofie Zinck (IMAU, UU): “Exploring the cryosphere using the Google Earth Engine”.
19/8 Christine Hvidberg: presentation of Sellevold and Vizcaino (2021, GRL): “First application of articial neural networks to estimate 21st century Greenland ice sheet surface melt”
26/8 Aslak Grinsted: Presentation of picking tool for digitizing various data.
2/9 Clothilde Michelet (DMI/Toulouse): Presentation of PISM summer project on ice-ocean interactions.
9/9 Group discussion on PISM modelling
16/9 - no meeting
23/9 Mikkel Lauritzen: presentation of Aschwanden et al. 2013.
30/9 Visit by Andy Aschwanden - special program
14/10 Anne Solgaard and Dina Rapp: presentation of Vijay et al. 2019

Annual Greenland Ice Sheet Seminar

Network meeting between research groups in Denmark working on the Greenland Ice Sheet held the first Thursday in January. Contact Christine Hvidberg for further information (Email below).

Next meeting: January 7, 2021 at DTU. OBS Cancelled this year due to COVID-19, substitute network activities will be announced

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