Interdisciplinary collaboration between research in climate and biology

In an interdisciplinary collaboration in the field lying between macro-ecology, evolutionary biology, glaciology and climate research, models will be developed that can reconstruct biodiversity changes over time. These future models will make it possible to study the linked processes between ecosystems and the evolutionary potential of species within a particular system, during changing climatic conditions. These more local processes can also be used to assess the robustness of models that operate on a larger scale.

The genetic data obtained from the basal ice from different locations can provide insight into past ecosystems and can be integrated with the models used for biodiversity.

Species richness during past interglacial periods and their adaptation to environmental changes on the local scale is compared with existing models of carbon budgets and this provides an insight into how the biomass interacts with the carbon cycle and climate change.

- Biodiversity and response to climate change
- Ice sheet formation and DNA
- Models for climate, biodiversity and evolution
- Interaction between models for climate and biodiversity