Stable Isotope Records from Greenland Ice Cores

S. Johnsen and B.M. Vinther
Encyclopedia of Quarternary Sciences, Elsevier, doi:10.1016/B0-444-52747-8/00345-8, 2007.

Greenland ice cores contain a wealth of information on past climatic conditions throughout the northern hemisphere. A historical perspective on the climatic interpretation of stable isotopes in water and ice is presented in the introduction, while the remainder of the article is devoted to the current interpretation of stable isotope data from Greenland ice cores. The progress in our understanding of the stable isotope signals, on timescales from seasons to glacial cycles, is discussed and evaluated through numerous examples from Greenland ice cores. Stable isotope profiles from the Camp Century, DYE-3, GISP2, GRIP, NGRIP and Renland deep ice cores are emphasised, as they all provide climatic information back into the Eemian period.