December 4, 2017 - First flights to Mt Brown! – University of Copenhagen

04 December 2017

December 4, 2017 - First flights to Mt Brown!

The Twin Otter on the sea ice skiway just before taxiing. The pink Hagglunds transport vehicle “Opal” and Davis station in the background.

Bloo and Sharon stand beside the Twin Otter before the first flight to Mt Brown.

Last Friday and Saturday, we were able to get four Twin Otter flights to Mt Brown, transporting 3 team members and nearly 4 tonnes of cargo. Sharon (Field leader), Bloo (Diesel mechanic) and Tessa (Project leader) are now on-site, setting up tents, communications and survival equipment. They will also be preparing a skiway for more flights by larger aircraft such as the Basler converted DC-3. Weather at Davis station has deteriorated and high winds are forecast for the coming days. We hope for another weather window later this week. 

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