Collaborations – University of Copenhagen


The host institution is the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen and the project group will be placed at the Centre for Ice and Climate.

The team will combine Danish and international excellence and add a senior foreign expert. The team spans from senior researchers among the most highly cited in the world to young promising PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

The international partners are

  • Prof. Gogineni and colleagues (radar, Universities of Kansas and Alabama),
  • Prof. Stocker and Schwander (rapid access drill, University of Bern), and
  • Prof. Wilhelms and colleagues (ice structure equipment, Alfred Wegener Institute).

Collaboration with the EGRIP community is vital and secured. Collaboration with the NEGIS and ice-sheet modelling community will be established through annual workshops. 

Several researchers from the Centre for Ice and Climate will participate:

  • Prof. Steffensen,
  • Ass. Prof. Hvidberg
  • Ass. Prof. Svensson
  • Ass. Prof. Vinther
  • Electrical Engineer Simon Sheldon

Of recruitments, ass. Prof. Rasmussen and Grinsted are named to support the coordination, synchronization, and surface program. As a senior expert, Prof. Kipfstuhl from AWI will be recruited for the ice crystal studies. A postdoc and 3 PhD positions will be opened in international competition.