Programme – University of Copenhagen


The program starts Monday morning September 24th at 09:00 and ends six days later on Saturday afternoon September 29th at approximately 13:00 (1pm). Arrival is recommended for Sunday 23rd and departure on Sunday 30th (or Saturday 29th after 17:00 if necessary).  The detailed schedule is included below.

Monday and Tuesday will involve lab exercises. Students will give a 3 minute video presentation of themselves and their research . A half-day excursion will take place Wednesday. Each day will wrap-up with reflections and discussions.

The lecturers will prepare lecture material which will be distributed at the course and made available on the website after the course.

The lecturers in 2018 include Margit Schwikowski, Carlo Barbante, T. Blunier, J. Freitag, C. Hvidberg, P. Vallelonga (convener), A. Svensson, S.O. Rasmussen, H. Kjær (convenor).

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