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Do you have questions about climate physics and ice core research? Below is listed earlier asked questions. If you do not find your answer here then send your question to us. Try to be specific, and allow up to a week for an answer (longer during holidays and field season).

Interpretation of ice core records

29 September 2008

I am trying to establish an overview of what the ice cores from around the world are believed to be telling us about the past climate. My question is how should I intepret ice core records? And . . . should I extrapolate the concept of temperature preceding carbon dioxide phenomena to today's carbon dioxide buildup. That is, will today's carbon dioxide buildup contribute to global warming or is nature running the show and carbon dioxide has little or nothing to do with global warming?

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Carbon dioxide - part 1

28 September 2008

If human made CO2 has an effect it could equally be that it actually constrains natural global warming rather than the opposite?

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Carbon dioxide - part 2

27 September 2008

- It could also be that those that promote the idea that CO2 levels follow global temperature changes rather than leading are right?

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Carbon dioxide - part 3

26 September 2008

‐ or those that state that CO2 is an infinitisimal part of the total amount of greenhouse gases and cannot possibly have the influence ascribed to it compared with naturally existing water vapour?

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