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Visiting Centre for Ice and Climate

Centre for Ice and Climate are happy to host visits from schools and high schools. Most often, we offer a one-hour talk and a visit to the ice core freezer, where the precious samples are stored, but other wishes can be accommodated. To book a visit, please contact the centre coordinator and provide information about the group size, desired time of visit, special topics of interest etc.

Ask about Ice and Climate

Do you have questions about climate physics or ice cores? Then check the Q&A section or ask a researcher at Centre for Ice and Climate.


Join scientists in fieldwork in Greenland drilling ice cores
The ice can provide detailed knowledge about the climate in the past, which can provide valuable information for climate models for the climate of the future with global warming.

Secrets of the Ice - Part 1

On top of the Greenland ice sheet a group of icecore-scientists are starting a project of drilling a 2.5 km long ice core out of the ice sheet.
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Secrets of the Ice - Part 2

We follow the scientists on their way to the drilling site for the NEEM-project, and we see how they build the camp.
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Golden spike in ice core

The Ice and Climate Group at the Niels Bohr Institute defines the end of the ice age and the beginning of the warmer climate of the current period.
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